Write Away Together (WAT)
These colourful bookmarks provide useful reminders for children
when they are writing.

There are three different bookmarks: Word Choice, Sentence
Variation & Text Cohesion

Download these bookmarks by clicking on the links below and use
them with your pupils.

You can amend them to suit individual children's needs

WAT Bookmark Prompts - word choice.doc

WAT Bookmark prompts - sentences.doc

WAT Bookmark prompts - text cohesion.doc
A series of workshops in Primary Schools in North Tyneside
was commissioned by the Education Action Zone. The brief was
to design and deliver a series of workshops that would improve
the quality of writing by improving the revision of work in the
targeted schools. Emphasis was also placed on the use of the
five senses in writing and the use of simile, metaphor and
alliteration. Two workshops each one hour long were delivered
to each school with Years five and six.

The feedback from pupils and teachers was very positive and it
was felt that the children enjoyed the workshops and pupils who
would not normally participate in English enthusiastically joined in
the event. As the stress in the workshop was on creativity and
imagination rather than spelling and handwriting it also helped
those whose written work often lagged behind their class peers.
Teaching staff were often surprised at the quality of work that
they produced.

An additional performance element was also added to the
workshops which proved very popular. Pupils participated in a
Poetry Slam, a form of competitive poetry. Feedback on this
element was also very positive. Teaching staff felt it encouraged
previously reticent students to perform in front of their class and
it visibly improved their confidence in their own abilities.
EAZ Poetry Workshops
Write Away Together Bookmarks
Write Away Together Results
Write Away Together (WAT) is now in its third year in North Tyneside

WAT provides a structure for writing support so that teachers and TA's
work closely together to boost the confidence and skills of writers.

It is generally used in Years 3-6 and is aimed at children who are
underachieving in writing, not at the very weakest.

The Average Points Score Gain of targeted pupils in the schools involved
in 2008 was 4.8 even better than in 2007 and one school achieved an
average gain of 9.3 points per pupil over a 35 week period. Another
school achieved a gain of 6 points per pupil over 24 weeks.

To use WAT a teacher and TA need to attend a two day training course
together. The last training was run in September 2007 and we are
running it again on 22 & 23 September 2008. There may be one or two
places available for this training. Contact Gerry Miller asap on 200 1553
if you are interested.

The following EAZ schools are involved in the project:

Backworth, Bailey Green, Collingwood, Holy Cross, Holystone, Moor
Edge, New York, Percy Main, Shiremoor, Stephenson Memorial and

Balliol, Greenfields & St Joseph's also joined the project this year.
Write Away Together
provides a framework for
Teachers and Teaching
Assistants to work closely
together to improve
students' skills and
confidence in writing.