Shirley Clarke Learning Team
Creating confident individuals
Shirley Clarke's Learning Team
Shirley Clarke led a Learning Team in 2007 comprising 30
teachers from 15 EAZ schools

The Learning Team, which took place over three terms,
focused on experimenting and embedding several different
Assessment for Learning strategies. These included:

■Separating the Learning Objective from the Context
■Involving pupils in identifying Success Criteria
■Interactive Feedback
■Developing Talk Partners
■Questioning Skills
We are planning to make some of the Learning Team's
research findings and strategies available on this Portal
site over the coming weeks and months

Using Peer & Self Assessment in the Primary Classroom.
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Talk Partners

Talk Partners promote good quality speaking and listening

Talk Partners in Reception & Y1 by Angela Sutherland.doc
Learning Partners Feedback Sheets
Use these feedback sheets with children to find out if they think they are
good Talk Partners

Were you a good learning partner.doc

Was your partner a good L Partner.doc
A Collaborative Classroom Climate
& Growth Mindset
Following the AfL Learning Team in 2007, Shirley Clarke asked
several members of the team to write a summary of how a particular
aspect of AfL helped them in improving learning in their classroom.

Shirley asked Gerry Miller to explain the importance of a
Collaborative Classroom Climate in his teaching

Collaborative Classroom Climate & Growth Mindsets.doc