Questioning and Quality Talk

Would you like to improve the quality of questioning and pupil talk in your

This progression grid provides a useful audit tool to analyse what is going on
in your classroom and think about what to do to improve pupil talk.

Questioning and dialogue progression grid.doc
This is a variation on the
Student led Plenary, where
a student is asked to listen
asked by other students
during the lesson

The best questions are then
read out near the end of the
lesson and the class can
discuss which was the best
one and why. This is a good
way of celebrating different
skills that contribute to a
collaborative and
thought-provoking classroom

Star student best

Star student best question
Post 16.doc
Student Plenary
on Best Questions
Tips on Good
Questioning from
King's College London
Learning Partners Feedback Sheets
Use these feedback sheets with children to find out if they think they are
good Talk Partners

Were you a good learning partner.doc

Was your partner a good L Partner.doc
Audit the quality of talk in your classroom