List Of Good And Bad Effects of Movies

List Of Good And Bad Effects of Movies
List Of Good And Bad Effects of Movies

Why do we watch films? There could be a billion reasons for watching them and some of the common ones are that they are entertaining, amusing, thrilling and so on depending on the genre. There are cinemas for all kinds of moods, ages and interests. There are comedies for sadness, thrillers for excitement, romantic films for love, animations for kids and the list can go on forever. Thanks to the internet and smart gadgets revolution as we can simply browse for favorite films and watch them at any point of time. Do movies effect our lives? Yes, they certainly do. There are both positive and negative effects of movies as people tend to take both good and/or bad based on their mindsets. Here is the list of good and bad effects of movies on audience:

  • Audience could feel inspired by certain traits such as honesty, self respect, determination and innocence to name a few of the characters shown in films. They tend to behave or react like their favorite actor or character when faced with similar situations in life.
  • Viewers tend to groom like their favorite characters or actors. Irrespective of the age and gender, fans maintain same hairstyle, clothes, accessories and even use same makeup.
  • Movies could make audience feel inspired to hit gym to maintain fit body, go that extra mile to succeed in life, inculcate a hobby, fall in love, play a sport, love family more and so on.
  • Cinemas could make people leave or reduce certain addictions such as smoking, drinking or drugs. All it takes is one good movie and an inspiring scene to make people take new resolutions in life.

Effects of movies are not always good and flowery but many moviegoers tend to take the wrong from what is projected in front of them. Film makers tend to go realistic in replicating the reality and in the process give too many details that could seed new ideas for doing bad.

  • Crime genre could make people who would like to commit wrong doings use the details to either commit a crime or make plans escape from the same. It could be robbery, murder or rape. They could even get into illegal businesses.
  • Movies could make people especially the younger generation to start bad habits such as smoking, alcoholism or doping. They simply do these to have false feeling that they are in vogue.
  • Kids could easily learn to throw tantrums, demand for things used by their favorite characters even though they are not good for health, stop studying or become rebels.
  • There are viewers who would hurt their loved ones by announcing breakups or divorces. People could even drop from colleges and schools just because their favorite actor did so in a filmywap 2019 movie.

Be it good or bad, it is important for moviegoers to keep in mind the effects of movies on personal lives. It is crucial to take the good and try to fight back bad habits alone or with the help of family and friends.

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