Influences on Student Learning
by John Hattie

The research paper, Influences on Student Learning, uses
thousands of pieces of worldwide research to find out what it is that
really makes a difference to learning in our classrooms.

The second paper,
Teachers make a Difference, explores the
difference between experienced teachers and expert teachers. It is
the latter that can really influence student learning

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Teachers make a Difference by John Hattie
Influences on Student Learning by John Hattie
Visible Learning summary
Visible Learning powerpoint
John Hattie's research
John is Professor of Education
at Auckland University, New
He produces some of the most
important educational research
In 2009, Hattie's seminal work,
Visible Learning, was
published. This book combines
the results of Hattie's research
over the last few years with a
deep insight into what really
goes on in the most successful
classrooms and how teachers
can keep improving their
students' learning. The links
below take you to a summary
of this work by Gerry Miller
and Powerpoints for training.