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Myths, Challenges,

The Centre for Confidence in
Glasgow promotes high
aspirations and confidence in
young people living in areas of
high deprivation. At a
conference in March 2010, Dr
Carol Craig, Director of the
Centre, gave a presentation on
the pitfalls of trying to promote
self-esteem in the wrong way
and the advantages of
encouraging self-efficacy.
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Carol Dweck's
Growth Mindset

Carol Dweck's research into children's
Self-Theories shows how their Mindset
on intelligence affects their motivation to
learn and their aspiration to achieve.
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children discussing their Growth Mindset and what it means to
their learning

Click on the link to see a video clip of Angi Gibson's Y3
children discussing their Growth Mindset with their teacher
Shirley Clarke
Learning Team
Shirley Clarke led a Learning
Team in 2007 comprising 30
teachers from 15 EAZ schools

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Assessment for Learning
This section provides ideas,
materials and examples to help you
use various Assessment for
Learning [...]
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Emma French, Geography AST
at Westmoor PS, shares ideas,
information and resources.Are
you interest[...]
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Write Away Together
Write Away Together (WAT)
training is taking place again this
year on 3 & 4 November
contact Gerry Miller for details

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Growthmindseteaz.org   The website of North Tyneside Education Action Zone
Raising Aspirations and Achievement through research based learning
John Hattie and his team at the University of Auckland,
New Zealand, have produced key research into what
influences student learning and what does not. They have
also identified some key aspects of expert teachers and
what makes them different from experienced teachers.
Gerry Miller has written a  summary of Hattie's research,
which you can access by clicking on the link below.
Summary of Visible Learning by Gerry Miller
He has also written an account of how John Hattie and
Carol Dweck's research together show a vision of
collaborative learning that really works for all students.
Hattie & Dweck - a Vision of Learning
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Shiremoor triumph at Killingworth Poetry Slam
The 2010 Killingworth Poetry Slam, sponsored by North Tyneside Education
Action Zone, was held at George Stephenson HS on Friday 16 July.

The winning team were the Cheeky Chinchillas (pictured left to right) Jake
Walker, Jamie Hall, Chloe McLellan and Lourdes Smith of Shiremoor Primary
14 teams of young poets were entered from Year 5 & 6 classes from Bailey
Green, Moor Edge, Shiremoor and Westmoor Primary Schools. They were
supported by their classmates in an exciting competition, judged on creativity,
performance skills & audience reaction.
All the teams took part in workshops led by local poet Jeff Price, who helped
them prepare their poems and their performances, which were inspired by the
book Kensukis Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo and were on the theme of a
“Paradise Island”. Jeff said “I was so impressed with the quality of the
performances, which were even better than last year”. Ian Wilkinson, Head
Teacher of George Stephenson HS, who was one of the judges, said: “This was one
of the most enjoyable afternoons I have had as a Head Teacher. The children
performed brilliantly”.
The winning team, the Cheeky Chinchillas, are in Year 5 at Shiremoor Primary
To see more pictures of the Poetry Slam, click on the link below
Poetry Slam Photos
Click on the link
to see a video clip of the Poetry Slam
Outdoor Learning Project
Growing Together - Churchill Family of Schools
Growing Together is a programme for the 6 schools in the Churchill Family of Schools.  
The aim is for individual schools to consider and improve the use, design and
management of their grounds for all, using this process to support the transition of pupils
from primary to secondary school. Projects within primary schools will be led by year 6
pupils, but pupils from all year groups along with staff will be fully involved.  Pupils moving
on will leave behind a legacy whilst taking with them the things they think are important
about their outside space and these will influence the grounds of their new school.

Pupils from the different schools will meet to share experiences and ideas throughout the
programme, and each school will have an advisory site visit along with additional ongoing
support.  There will be an event at the end of the school year to share and celebrate the
schools’ achievements, but it is hoped that the development and improvement of each
school’s grounds will continue.

The project is being led by
Anita Foster
of School Grounds North-East
Professor John Hattie's Visible
 incorporates the latest
world wide research on student

Carol Dweck's research shows that
students with a Growth Mindset will tend
to do better on transfer from Primary
School to Secondary School.
In Year 7 the work may become harder in some subjects
(although in others it may be easier!). Grading may
become more stringent and instruction less personalised,
as students are taught by ten or more different teachers
instead of one or two in Primary school. Students may
initially be less clear about what their teachers expect of
them and the classroom environment may seem less safe.
It is in this transition period that students with a Fixed
Mindset tend to struggle.
Carol Dweck's research showed that with Fixed
Mindset students:
  • Many showed a marked decline in their class
  • Those who had done poorly in Y6 tended to
    continue to do poorly
  • Many who had been high achievers in Y6 were
    now among the lower achievers
  • Many who showed this decline had held high
    confidence in their intelligence
  • Were significantly more apprehensive about their
    school work and tended to be more anxious about
    school in general
  • Did show some recovery in their standing in Y8 but
    were still clearly below where they had been in
    Primary School
Henderson & Dweck 1990
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Research shows that Growth
Mindset students make better
progress on transfer to High School
       Training and Consultancy

Gerry Miller is an independent trainer and consultant, working in
the North-East, nationally and internationally. He has helped schools
and Local Authorities across the country to improve student
motivation and raise achievement, especially through
Dweck's Growth Mindset. He provides training and consultancy in
the following areas:

 For further information contact Gerry Miller
Mindsetworks Website
Keep up to date with new ideas and applications of Growth Mindset with articles
and research by academics and teachers through this new website. You can also
find out about the online Mindset Programme
Click on these links to access these sites
Shiremoor Primary School
involve parents in Carol
Dweck's Growth Mindset
Training Session for Parents
Gerry Miller and Y6 pupils gave a presentation on
Carol Dweck's Self-Theories to a group of parents
at Shiremoor PS on 5 October 2010. The pupils
impressed the parents with their knowledge and
understanding on Growth Mindset, explaining how it
helped them to be more independent and resilient in
their work.
High Aspirations
They also talked about their high aspirations and
their determination to get the qualifications they
need to be successful in their working life.
Shiremoor, which was the first school in the
North-East to win the Challenge Award, also ran a
Careers Convention in March 2010 to focus pupils
on the opportunities for a satisfying career.
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How to change your students'
mindsets from Fixed to Growth

Shirley Gough, Deputy Headteacher at
Linhope PRU, Newcastle-upon Tyne, has
produced a Powerpoint Presentation to use
with KS2 and KS3 students. It helps to
explain to them how our brains work and how
they grow and improve our intelligence if we
put in effort. To access the presentation, click
on the link below
Growth Mindset for Students

Shirley has also produced a wealth of
information for teachers on how to develop a
collaborative learning environment in our
classrooms to encourage a Growth Mindset.
To access this information, click on the link
Growth Mindset for Teachers

To contact Shirley by e mail, click here
                Contact Shirley