How to change your students’ mindsets from Fixed to Growth

How to change your students’ mindsets from Fixed to Growth
How to change your students’ mindsets from Fixed to Growth

Fixed mindset and growth mindset are different. Fixed mindset makes the students believe their intelligence, talents, and basic abilities. They try to achieve the things using their inherited talents and capabilities. However, they are a bit hesitant to go beyond their comfort zone. Though they can achieve all the successes in their life, still, the fixed mindset does not enable them to prove their full potential. With a growth mindset, students believe that they have the capability to develop their talent and intelligence through constant effort and practice. Both of these mindsets are not constant. If your student has a fixed mind, you can convert it into a growth mind with proper education.

How to convert a fixed mindset into a growth mindset

Anyone can change a fixed mindset into a growth mindset by making some changes in the thought process. It will be much easier for the kids as their mind change constantly.

They are prone to adopt the changes more easily than grownups. Here are a few tips that can help you to promote a growth mindset in your students.

Make them understand the mind is flexible enough to adopt changes

The students should always think that they can achieve more with a sharp brain and intelligence. These things are not constant. They can hone their skill and intelligence through a strong determination and regular practice.

No one is born talented

If your students will start believing that they are born with talent, they will not certainly do anything to get more by hard effort. They will believe that they have everything to succeed in their future. This mindset will limit the thought as well as the achievements.

Praise the process, not the outcome

Normally we admire success and ignore the hard effort. This tendency affects the confidence. Therefore, it is always important to praise the effort regardless of the result. If you praise the hard work and dedication, they can try to show their full potential.

Do not be afraid of failures

We are living in a highly competitive world where failure cannot be avoided. You should prepare your student’s mind to accept the failure gracefully and to learn from this. If you discourage them, then they will not be motivated to try again.

Encourage group learning

The students learn better with their peers. They can discuss the topic and can reach a conclusion by a group discussion.

Group discussions help them in many aspects to develop their personality and to change their fixed mindset.

Teach them to accept challenges

Challenges make the student better capable to handle complex situations. They can help others, fight any situation, and become indestructible both in mind and body. A growth mindset accepts challenges more positively. You need to encourage your student to take challenges as a stepping stone to their success. Ultimately, it will help to change their mindset.

The process will be gradual. A consistent effort from both the sides is required to change your student’s fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Once they develop this mindset, they will be inspired to achieve more in their life with improved knowledge and intelligence.

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