Growth Mind vs Fixed Mind??? Train or Define Your Mind…Take Your Pick

Growth Mind vs Fixed Mind??? Train or Define Your Mind…Take Your Pick
Growth Mind vs Fixed Mind??? Train or Define Your Mind…Take Your Pick

Have we ever wondered, if intelligence, brainpower or brilliance  are traits that particularly a property of few successful gems only? As we studied through different grades, we have always come across a strong line defining the elite groups filled with toppers or for that matter have been a part of those clans ourselves. If we are not part of those admired lots, have we contented ourselves saying that they are born talented and our intelligence is way out of their filmyzilla 2018 league? As long as we strongly believe that talent or intelligence is an innate trait, we are certainly defining and drawing borders around ourselves and most importantly designing our future accordingly.

Well, now is the time to break the myth. Intelligence is a gift. Read it again… INTELLIGENCE IS A GIFT, A GIFT THAT WE GIVE OURSELVES, by continuously working hard towards being the best at any target skill or trait that we aim to learn or acquire. It is a relentless process that consists a lot of self discipline, training, hard work, determination, motivation and persistence. If we look at the lives of successful people such as Serena Williamsor Usain Bolt to name a few, they are reaping the rewards of this challenging or daunting process and battle ceaselessly in sticking to it.They are not there by luck or chance or became successful overnight. For many of them, it took their entire lives to be where they envisioned themselves to be.

If we observe keenly and logically, there are two kinds of thought processes or mindsets that segregate talented ones from people who do not consider themselves quitethere.Professor Carol Dweckrightly Coins terms for these mindsets as Growth Mind and Fixed Mind.

As the name implies, Growth mindset predominantly focuses on constant improvement or growthand learn something new at all times. People with this intellectual framework portray positive approach in challenging situations and find learning opportunities in failures. They appreciate 360 degrees feedback and even turn criticism into building blocks for success. Simply put, they believe in working hard towards the set goals even after falling multiple times.

On the contrary, fixed mindset people concentrateon setting limitations to intellectual capabilities. They do not believe in the concept of learning and practicing in order to learn or improve on a new skill or task or achieve a goal or take up new challenges but settle at statements like “I am not cut for this”, “this is not my cup of tea” and so on. They do not respond positively to any constructive feedback and fail to think out of the box. They would rather prefer staying within it to feel secured and proud.

We could choose to train our minds to tackle any challenge or shy away from a lot of them. Now that there is clear demarcation between growth and fixed mindsets, the ball is our court to take a pick on our intellectual perspective in everything we do.

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