Emma French, Geography AST at Westmoor PS, shares ideas,
information and resources.

Are you interested in the environment and recycling? Emma has a variety
of worksheets and recommended internet sites to stimulate children's

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Saving the Planet Worksheets

What will happen

This worksheet asks the children to consider 2 points. Firstly, what will
happen to our planet if we don't look after it. Secondly, it asks what can
they do to help look after the planet. It is a nice introductory activity for
children and encourages discussion and predictions about the future of
our planet.

what will
Words and Pictures Statements

This is a lovely environmental statement, written by a child, who wanted
to express his feelings about our planet using words and pictures. It is a
very positive statement to share with the children and the use of small
drawings enhances the message. Once shared with the class, the
children can then go on to design and write their own in a similar fashion.

Environmental Statement Words & Pictures.doc
Worksheet for Environmental statements pictures and words

This is a worksheet for children to complete that follows on from the
Environmental Statement document. This activity asks the children to
read through an environment message and change some of the words
to pictures. For more able children, changing parts of the message to
express their own feelings provides more of a challenge.

My Environmental Statement in Words & Pictures.doc
The 5 R's signs

These are 5 word signs to display in the classroom. The words are
Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Respect and Responsibility.

Saving Water Resources
Water Survey

This is a worksheet that asks the children to complete a water survey at
home. As a class, you can decide the time period over which the children
will keep a tally record of the water usage. A weekend is a good time as the
children are at home. There is a corresponding table that tells you how much
water, in litres, each appliance uses so the children can convert the tally
marks into litres.

Water Survey to complete at

This is a table that shows you have much water (in litres) appliances in the
home use. This links into the Water Survey activity.

Water Survey to complete at
Water factsheet

This is a worksheet that requires the children to read articles, watch
espresso, research on the internet (see recommended websites) or read
books that provide facts about water usage around the world. The
worksheet has spaces for the children to write and present 6 key facts that
are of interest to them.

Raindrops template & Water

This is a template for the children to write 6 key actions that children and or
displayed in class.

Water Action Plan