Creating confident individuals
Carol Dweck's seminar at Glasgow's
"Centre for Confidence" on 18
September 2008.
Centre for Confidence Website

Gerry Miller (EAZ Consultant), Lesley Colthart
(Headteacher New York PS) & Angi Gibson
(DHT New York PS) attended this important
conference, when Carol Dweck outlined some
of her latest research on how a Growth
Mindset or a Fixed Mindset affects learners of
all ages in terms of their motivation,
aspirations & resilience.
North Tyneside EAZ is now at the forefront of good practice in the UK in
using Carol Dweck's Mindsets or Self-theories to promote achievement at
any stage of their school or working life.

Carol focused on the stark differences in the effects of "Effort Praise" as
opposed to "Intelligence Praise". She also emphasised the difference
between self-esteem, which we cannot give children (they have to acquire
it for themselves by changing their mindset) and self-efficacy, which comes
through the mastery of problem-solving through resilience and having the
courage to address weaknesses (and not hide from them).

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