WAT Results
Write Away Together (WAT) is now in its third year in North Tyneside

WAT provides a structure for writing support so that teachers and
TA's work closely together to boost the confidence and skills of

It is generally used in Years 3-6 and is aimed at children who are
underachieving in writing, not at the very weakest. The results are
monitored each year and many schools are seeing impressive gains
in Writing Levels of children who have participated in the scheme.

Teachers and Teaching Assistants are also finding Write Away
strategies very useful in both whole class teaching and small group

The following EAZ schools are involved in the project:

Amberley, Backworth, Bailey Green, Collingwood, Holy Cross,
Holystone, Moor Edge, New York, Percy Main, Shiremoor,
Stephenson Memorial and Waterville

Balliol, Greenfields & St Joseph's also joined the project this year.

The Average Points Score gain of targeted pupils in the schools
involved in 2008 was 4.8, even better than in 2007 and one school
achieved an average gain of 9.3 points per pupil over a 35 week
period. Another school achieved a gain of 6 points per pupil over 24

Most schools work with a group of pupils for a minimumof 20 weeks
and this is when we see the best results. Other schools prefer to
involve more pupils for a shorter time. This still has an impact, but the
increase in levels tends to be correspondingly less. To see the results
of the schools involved in the project this year, click on the link below.

WAT results 2007-8 version 2.xls

For further information, contact Gerry Miller (EAZ Consultant) on 200