Test your students mindset
Do your students have a Growth Mindset or a Fixed Mindset?

About 40% of students have a Growth Mindset, which means they don't see
their intelligence as fixed. Consequently they are not afraid of challenge,
they welcome feedback and they react to failure by trying harder (don't we
love to teach these students?).

Another 40% have a Fixed Mindset, which means they see intelligence as a
fixed entity (they feel they were born bright or not very bright and nothing
that happens in school is going to change this). Consequently they don't like
challenge, they fear failure so will not take risks and they like easy tasks
(and lots of praise for doing them well!). They also tend to conform to the
low aspirations of their peers.

To use the questionnaire to classify your students:

1. Get students to complete the questionnaire

2. Add up their score in the first three questions only

3. Divide the total by 3

4. A score of 3 or less means they have a Fixed Mindset (Entity Learner)

A score of 4 or more means they have a Growth Mindset (Incremental

A score of 3.3 or 3.7 means they are borderline

Its interesting to give the questionnaire to staff as well!

For further information on how to use the questionnaire, contact Gerry Miller


Intelligence Theory Questionnaire.doc