Feedback for Learning
In this short Powerpoint Presentation, Kevin Dodd, Headteacher of
Kibblesworth Primary School Gateshead, gives some ideas on how to
make Feedback focused and manageable with young children

Is it useful or necesssary to mark a full set of Maths exercise books?
Would it not be more effective to give oral feedback to the children who
need it, so that they are more likely to act on it?

Kevin also shares some strategies to encourage Peer & Self Assessment
with young children

Ideas on focused & manageable feedback K Dodd Kibblesworth PS.ppt
The Power of Feedback
From: Review of Educational Research: March 2007

John Hattie is a leading researcher on what makes a difference to
students' learning. He has published many articles over the last 10 years
on the topic and FEEDBACK is consistently near the top. But it is not just
any feedback that makes a difference. In this article the authors look at
how feedback works, feedback about the self as a person (and the
potential negative effects of praise), the timing of feedback and the
effects of positive and negative feedback.

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Power of Feedback JHattie.pdf

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