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Serving Churchill, George Stephenson
and Norham Partnerships
3 High Schools and 17 Primary Schools,
committed to improving the learning
experiences of our students
about us
Self-Esteem:Facts, Myths,
Challenges, Alternatives

          The Centre for                         
Confidence in
promotes high aspirations and confidence
in young people living in areas of high
deprivation. At a conference in March
2010, Dr Carol Craig, Director of the
Centre, gave a presentation on the pitfalls
of trying to promote self-esteem in the
wrong way and the advantages of
encouraging self-efficacy.
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Shirley Clarke
Learning Team
Shirley Clarke led a
Learning Team in 2007
comprising 30 teachers
from 15 EAZ schools

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Assessment for
This section provides ideas,
materials and examples to
help you use various
Assessment for Learning [...]
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Emma French, Geography AST
at Westmoor PS, shares ideas,
information and resources.Are
you interest[...]
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Write Away
Write Away Together
(WAT) is now in its third
year in North Tyneside
EAZ.WAT provides a
structure for[...]
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Raising Aspirations and Achievement through research based learning
Professor John
Hattie's latest
research on
student learning
John Hattie and his team at the
University of Auckland, New
Zealand, have produced key
research into what influences
student learning and what does
not. They have also identified
some key aspects of expert
teachers and what makes them
different from experienced
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Shiremoor triumph at Killingworth Poetry Slam

The 2010 Killingworth Poetry Slam, sponsored by North Tyneside Education Action Zone,
was held at George Stephenson HS on Friday 16 July.

The winning team were the Cheeky Chinchillas (pictured left to right) Jake Walker, Jamie
Hall, Chloe McLellan and Lourdes Smith of Shiremoor Primary School.

14 teams of young poets were entered from Year 5 & 6 classes from Bailey Green, Moor
Edge, Shiremoor and Westmoor Primary Schools. They were supported by their classmates
in an exciting competition, judged on creativity, performance skills & audience reaction.

All the teams took part in workshops led by local poet Jeff Price, who helped them prepare
their poems and their performances, which were inspired by the book Kensukis Kingdom by
Michael Morpurgo and were on the theme of a “Paradise Island”. Jeff said “I was so
impressed with the quality of the performances, which were even better than last year”.
Ian Wilkinson, Head Teacher of George Stephenson HS, who was one of the judges, said:
“This was one of the most enjoyable afternoons I have had as a Head Teacher. The children
performed brilliantly”.
The winning team, the Cheeky Chinchillas, are in Year 5 at Shiremoor Primary School.
To see more pictures of the Poetry Slam, click on the link below
For more pictures of the
Poetry Slam, click on the
link below

Poetry Slam Pictures
Click on the link below to see a video clip of the
Poetry Slam
Gerry Miller - Education Consultant
contact Gerry Miller
Carol Dweck's research into children's Self-Theories shows how their Mindset on intelligence
affects their motivation to learn and their aspiration to achieve. A
Growth Mindset means a child
will be open to challenge and welcome feedback, whereas a
Fixed Mindset gives them a view
that nothing will change their "fixed" intelligence.
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Carol Dweck's
Growth Mindset
Self-Theories:  Entity(Fixed) v Incremental(Growth)
I believe that
intelligence is not fixed
My intelligence can be
improved through
I thrive on challenge
I throw myself into
difficult tasks
I am self-confident
I can ignore the
low aspirations of
my peers
I react to failure by
trying harder
I engage in
I have learning goals
I like feedback on my
performance so I can
Growth Mindset
Incremental Learners
The above diagram shows the likely attributes of a student with a Growth
Mindset. These students usually value school and are keen to do well. But
only about 40% of students have a Growth Mindset. What about the 40%
who have a Fixed Mindset, who consequently don't welcome feedback and
lack confidence? Click on this link to see their Mindset:
 Fixed Mindset
Carol Dweck

Professor of Psychology
Stanford University